What is a Franchise?

It’s being in business FOR yourself but not BY yourself! A franchise is a type of business that allows a franchisee to sell a product or service under the franchisor’s established brand, along with access to their business knowledge, processes and trademarks. In exchange for acquiring a franchise, the franchisee pays the franchisor an initial start-up fee and annual licensing fees.

What is a Franchise Fee?

In the same way that you would have to invest a lump sum of money if you were starting a business from scratch, franchises require an initial investment. The franchise fee varies considerably depending on the brand and service, but usually it means the initial, one-time fee that a new franchisee pays the franchisor for the right to open a franchise location. Essentially, the initial fee buys the license you need to operate a franchise.

What kind of training do I get when I become a franchise partner?

At O2E Brands, our training process is comprehensive and ongoing – we support you every step of the way. We provide a full, 12 week, startup training program to get you off the ground, and you are assigned a start-up manager who will guide you through challenges and opportunities during your first years in business. They are experts in the industry and all facets of operations and understand the complexities of the industry.

How do territories work?

Our franchise territories are defined by zip codes or postal codes and population. A standard franchise will have four of these areas, or sub-territories. Your franchise territory is protected, which means you are the only franchise permitted to work in that territory.

How do I generate sales as a franchise partner?

National and Local Digital Marketing

Our in-house teams support your marketing efforts so you have jobs on your schedule, not just estimates. We focus on digital marketing tactics and help build your online presence from behind the scenes.

Local Ground Game

You focus on local marketing tactics such as lawn signs, door hangers, direct mail and field marketing.

Call Center

Our Sales Center delivers multi-channel service, answering all customer inquiries (telephone, social media and email) and booking estimates for our franchise partners. It’s full service, giving you the freedom to do what you do best: build your business.


Our proprietary scheduling platform is linked to the corporate website, allowing customers to see your availability in real time. It’s an easy, convenient and cost effective way for you to connect with your customers. We have a team dedicated to following up with your online leads within 24 hours.

What if I don’t know anything about the home services industry?

You don’t have to! We’re looking for business-minded people who have a passion for brand building, and who want to revolutionize an industry. If we award you a franchise, you’ll be backed by 30 years of experience across four brands with 250+ franchise owners who are just like you. You’ll benefit from our know-how because you’ll have access to corporate and peer support. It’s a risk, but it’s a smart one.

How do I hire people?

Just like you don’t need house detailing or painting experience to run a Shack Shine or WOW 1 DAY PAINTING franchise, your technicians and painters don’t need experience either. We have amazing training programs to support our franchise partners, and to help them find and train the right people. The secret is to hire for culture fit first, then train for skill. It’s about building a team of happy, energetic people who are passionate about customer service.