It's Time To Invest In Success


The Investment & Where It Goes

All businesses require an initial investment, and that includes franchises. The difference with franchising is that your costs cover an entire team of people and processes to support you on your road to success. As a franchise partner you’re part of a family – and you’ll never feel alone because you have a network that’s got your back.

Every franchise opportunity has a different franchise cost. Compared with a retail based franchise, service based brands like ours have a lower initial investment, along with a faster ramp up time. That’s because you don’t need to fork out for a bricks and mortar space, or wait for it to be kitted out – you can hit the ground running.

Minimum Investment

Minimum investment*
Shack Shine
Minimum investment*
Minimum investment**

All figures are in USD. *if candidate opts out of our Franchise Payment Plan. **1-800-GOT-JUNK? has very limited territories available

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NEW FOR 2022: We’re Making Franchise Ownership Easy!

You want to buy a franchise, but you’re not sure if you have the capital needed to invest right now. Sound familiar?

We want to make owning a business more accessible for anyone who dreams of BYOB (Being Your Own Boss!). So we’ve launched two game-changing new programs that make owning a franchise with us easier than ever: Our Franchise Payment Plan and Franchise Performance Guarantee. 

Our Franchise Payment Plan allows you to start your business with just a $20,000 franchise fee down payment and a start-up marketing expense.

Our Franchise Performance Guarantee allows you to opt out of your business after 12 months (and get your franchise fees back!) if you don’t hit our minimum revenue threshold.

Is Franchising Profitable?

One of the questions prospective Franchise Partners ask is: “How much money can I make?” or, “How profitable are franchises?”.

The answer? How successful you are depends on you. How smart you work, and how closely you follow our franchise formula.

After 30 years of building home services brands like 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, we’ve identified what makes a great owner – and we work hard to ensure it’s a great fit on both sides. We’re selective in finding Franchise Partners because we only win when you do.

But, to give you a clearer idea – here’s some stats for the number lovers.

Average gross revenue per franchise*
Average gross revenue per franchise
Shack Shine
Average gross revenue per franchise

All figures are in USD. *1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchisees operating for more than 36 months, but less than 48 months